This afternoon when I was on a neighboring mountain to Baihe Village, I turned back to find this stunning view of the Baihe church against surrounding mountains. This evening, Father Shuai Ziqiang will celebrate the Easter Vigil mass in the church. The farmers are happy to schedule the Easter Vigil mass as late as possible, as we're working until well after sundown. 


We're now picking the first flush of tea, known as "Before the Rains" or "Ming Qian" tea. Many consider green tea made from the first buds of the season to be the best, with the freshest taste and brightest color.  The farmers work from dawn to dusk to pick as many buds as they can before the traditional Grave Sweeping festival, which is the cut-off date for the Ming Qian tea. This year, the festival falls on April 4, only five days away.