Do you want a new beginning? Let me help you use the New Year's spirit to become a new you!


Hello, my friend! I’m John Smagula. Today is New Year’s Day. Many of us like to make New Year’s resolutions, resolving to make this year better than the last. We may want to break a bad habit or achieve a new milestone. Either way, we commit to reaching a new high. However, experts tell us that around 90% of New Year’s resolutions end in failure. Why is that?



I believe there are three main reasons. First, we set goals that are not specific enough. Second, we don’t use the right methods. And finally, it’s often easier just to give up and turn back.


Many students complain to me, “John, I want to make more money; I want to lose weight; or I feel lost and don’t know what to do with my life.” We all confront various challenges, causing us to want to change ourselves or get out of a bad situation.


USD 100 CNY 100

Make financial plans, but be careful not to idolize money.


However, if your goals are vague and imprecise, it’s difficult to take action and make any gains. For example, I will ask my students, “So, you want to make more money. Well, how much? Maybe increase your income by 10%?” If you want to lose weight, well, how much? 5 pounds? 10 pounds? Clarify your desired result.


Are you feeling lost in life? When you don’t know what to do, do something. Don’t just sit there spinning your wheels; get out and try something. By exploring different career paths, you’ll gradually figure out what you want to do.


John Smagula, Cypress Falls fitness center, North Port, Florida

Health is wealth. Be sure to make a fitness plan.


Clearer goals such as these are easier to execute. Now we’re cooking. The next step is to create a plan. I don’t think all plans need to be long term, and making a three-month goal is enough to get going. Once you have a goal, do at least one thing each day to bring you closer to that goal. Step by step, day after day, and you will invariably experience change.


It’s important to create a plan tailored to your desired result, consulting with experts with a better understanding of the matter. For example, if you started selling insurance but can’t make a sale, then enroll in a sales training course or consult with a senior insurance salesperson to get some advice. They may say, “Make 15 sales calls each day before 10 a.m.”


If you want to lose weight, consult with your family doctor and ask him for diet and exercise recommendations. At the same time, experts don’t necessarily have all the knowledge, and you can learn a lot by reading and going to the library.


Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich 拿破仑希尔《思考致富》

Think and Grow Rich is one of success literature's most well-recognized books.


Are you feeling lost in life? Commit to trying three different things over the next six months, getting a better feel for the options as you go along.


I think you get the idea. Finally, you must be determined to carry out your plan and persevere. Life is hard, and there are no shortcuts. Other than hard work, I don’t really have any other suggestions in this regard. When you encounter difficulties or obstacles, don’t become bewildered, as at least you have a clear purpose and can stick to your plan. This way you will maintain focus and keep moving forward.

Intersection sign 十字路口

Being lost in life is like standing at an intersection: choose one direction and move forward.


My friend, 2017 can become the best year of your life. What do you want to change? What do you want to achieve? Specify your wishes, create a plan, consult with experts, work your plan, and persevere to the end. I trust that if you do this, next year at this time you will be a different person, coming one step closer to your dreams.


Happy New Year! 


North Port Florida July 4 Fireworks



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焕然一新 New

Hello, my friend! 朋友,你好, 我是老桑。


今天是元旦。 很多人喜欢制定新年计划,下决心把新的一年做的比去年好。有可能是改掉一个坏习惯,也有可能是追求一个新的突破。不管怎样都是到达一个新的高度。然而,有专家提出每年大约90%的做出新年改革计划的人都会失败。这是为什么呢?


我认为主要有三个原因 。首先是我们设定的目标不够具体;第二,是我们用的方法有问题;最后一个,便是很容易半途而废。




不过如果目标不够具体、过于抽象,那么便不好采取行动,目标就会很难实现。比如,我会跟学生说“噢,你想多挣钱,要赚多少呢?提高你的收入10%呢?”若想减肥,你想减多少呢?5斤吗?10斤吗?把目的明确一些。倘若你感到迷茫, when you don’t know what to do, do something (你不知道做什么时,就去做某一件事吧)。不要在同一个地方转圈圈,通过尝试新事物你会慢慢搞清自己的目标。


这些目标很具体,更容易采取行动。Now we’re cooking (现在事情有了点眉目了)。下一步是做出规划。每一个规划的时期不要太长,三个月就够了。有了规划,然后每天做一件朝你目标前进的事,日积月累,你一定会发现变化。




I think you get the idea (我想你现在可以有所启发)。最后,你必须下定决心去实行你的计划,坚持不懈。Life is hard (生活不容易),没有捷径。在这一点除了继续努力,我也没有更好的方法可推荐。遇到困难或障碍的时候,不要慌乱,至少你有一个很清楚的目标和方法。有这样的方向会帮助你保持焦点、继续往前走。


My friend2017年可以变成你生活中最好的一年。你想改变什么?你想在哪个方向去发展呢?把你的愿望具体化,设定一个目标,咨询专业的人,实行计划坚持到底。我相信如你这样做,明年的这个时刻你一定会变成一个不一样的自己,距离自己的梦想更近一步。


Happy New Year! 新年快乐!



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